What do you need help with?

Marty is experienced in the design and optimization of musical instruments at all stages, from concept sketch to final setup adjustments. He is also a professional teacher.

Design and Coaching

As a professional design instructor, as well as Certified SolidWorks Expert and Autodesk Certified Expert, I can help you take your designs to the next level.

I can show you a painless process for modeling anything, no matter how complicated, so it can be built to tight tolerances and easily modified in the future.

I can also help you program your designs for manufacturing using CNC, laser, waterjet, or additive manufacturing processes.


Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see a simpler solution.

I have a lots of experience simplifying complex mechanisms for production, drawing on over two decades of experience in product design, medical device prototyping, and development of scientific instrumentation.


Making complex parts can require expensive equipment, and the experience to make the most of it.

I can make highly detailed decorative details, intricate structural parts out of wood, metal, and carbon fiber, and dialed fixturing to help you work efficiently.

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