$100 – 500

Payment in cash, check, or PayPal accepted

Basic Setup – $80

Includes the most critical adjustments which should be done periodically for any instrument

  • Basic cleaning and light polishing
  • Positioning and adjustment of the bridge for sweet intonation
  • Refinement and sizing of nut and bridge slots for smooth tuning and easy playability
  • Inspection and adjustment of truss rod
  • Elimination of sharp fret and nut edges
  • Elimination of buzzing and rattling
  • Choice of D’addario EJ73 or EJ74 strings
    (Other types of strings available, ask before appointment)
  • Inspection to verify:
    • Overall instrument geometry
    • Cracks
    • Joints and seam separations
    • Bracing structure
    • Neck and truss rod structure

Full Setup – $120

A Full Setup results in the lowest possible action and even intonation all the way up the board.
Includes all steps involved in a basic setup, plus the following:

  • Fret leveling and dressing
  • Fret crowning and polishing
  • Bridge fitting to ensure full contact of bridge feet with the mandolin top
  • Correction of excessive bridge height (if possible without replacement)

Sometimes a full setup is not possible because the mandolin requires repair or modification in order to be made playable.
These might require actions such as:

  • Neck reset
  • Re-fret
  • Truss rod repair
  • Fretboard replacement
  • Instrument structural repair (back, sides, top, bracing, etc.)

These types of repairs are not our specialty. We will not begin work if we do not believe a complete and correct result is possible from a Basic Setup or Full Setup.

Upgrades and Modifications

Sometimes a new bridge, tuning machines, or tailpiece can make all the difference between an instrument being a wall hanger or an inspiring musical tool.

Jacobson Interlocking-Beam Bridge, including hand-fitting
$250 including a Full Setup
Unique fully-adjustable, fully-supported bridge in your choice of woods and materials including ebony, maple, carbon fiber, aluminum, and other exotic hardwoods and engineering-grade materials

New nut (brass, bone, or synthetic options available)
$250 including a Full Setup

Florida Scooping
$250 including a Full Setup

Rubner teflon-bearing tuning machines:
$150-250 including a Full Setup
(depending on options)

Rubner RmP-bearing tuning machines:
$300-550 including a Full Setup
(depending on options)

Replacement Rigel tailpieces:
$250 including a Full Setup
(includes custom engraving)

Cast, violin-style, or machined tailpiece upgrades:
$150-350 including a Full Setup
(depending on options)

Custom Armrest: 
$150-350 installed (depending on options)

What’s holding your instrument back?

Get it in tune and playing easy! 

Setting up a Kentucky KM-140S

This series shows the complete process of setting up a KM-140S, from assessment to final optimal playability.

Theory, tools, and techniques needed are discussed, and enough information is given to do this yourself if you like.

Map showing location near the Concorde Covered Bridge in Mableton
Near the Concorde Covered Bridge in Mableton

Setup Inquiry

Please give me a brief description of the instrument you would like work to be done on.
Please describe anything wrong with the instrument that you’d like to get fixed, or let me know what your goals are for this visit.