Macacauba (Granadillo) Les Paul

I made this Les Paul one summer. A friend asked me to teach him how to build an electric guitar, so I quickly built this one so I could learn how, myself.
The neck-through is rosewood from an old couch (similar to Bubinga), with a birdseye maple center lamination.
The side wings are super-light Honduran mahogany, so the body is not weight relieved. Still pretty light, though.
Pickups are the basic Golden Age humbuckers, but they sound fine.
The top and back are arched, which makes it feel really slim and svelte.
The top cap is a rare Amazonian hardwood called Macacaube, incorporating the spalted sapwood.
The knobs are turned by hand out of Macacaube, with a cap of the spalted sapwood for contrast.
The headstock is ivoroid-bound macacaube veneer with the Jacobson script inlaid in the same sapwood. A nice, natural looking, subtle effect.
The finish is rushed and not as well leveled as it could be, but after nearly ten years, it still plays well and is a good looker.