Toy nylon-string mandolin for my kids

So… this is a toy mandolin / ukelele thing I made for my kids. It’s got a solid cherry top, solid cherry back and sides, and a curly maple neck. Shaped like an archtop Telecaster, obviously. The frets are machined right into the fretboard. It sounds like a shoe box with some rubber bands on […]

Headstock for #18

Maccassar ebony. Dig it!

Machining nut slots…

Thomson Mountain Bike Stem and Seatpost Instructions

Multilingual version of the Thomson mountain bike stem, seatpost, and handlebar instructions. A collaboration with Mark McJunkin of Product M. Insane information density.

Teaching SolidWorks..

Just teaching SolidWorks to my students… always a fun part of the semester.

#20 and #17… oval hole transverse-braced siblings

Nautilus #17 in the white

More redwood Nautilus progress

Redwood tops and Bubinga backs

Batch of tops and backs for December 2012 instruments. #17, #18, #20. Bruce Harvie’s handwriting still on this one:

Nautilus #18 – Back Vine Purfling

Back vine purfling for #18. Sweet!

Cartoony Dodge Challenger Drawing

Just a drawing I did for my sons’ bedroom. Did this a year or so ago and just found it again.

5-String Electric Mandolin/Mandola Idea

Just an idea…

Nautilus Mandolin Project

Sound samples: http://www.martinjacobson.com/heron.mp3 http://www.martinjacobson.com/heron2.mp3

Nautilus Mandolin Mockups & Fixturing

Here are some mockups and fixtures for my ongoing Nautilus mandolin project. It is an affordable instrument intended to bring exceptional tone and playability to a lower price point, through the use of modern automation and traditional instrument voicing techniques.

Sushi Restaurant Environment

Aubergine Courtyard Microbus

Anachron Aero v4

These illustrations were done mostly to get back up to speed on the latest version of SolidWorks after using Alibre Design Pro (another parametric CAD package) for the last year. I had been studying air-cooled engines and started drawing a lot of radial engines, which lead to the prominent engine features of this aircraft. The […]

CHI Trade Show Banner

Collaborated with Darwin Muljono on a trade show banner project. For best impact, the photos needed to be lit well enough to be legible when pixelated (from the appropriate reading distance – 30ft or so). The concept expresses the interaction between humans and computers, which is integral to the mission of the client organization.

A Simple Web Radio

Most Web audio appliances are targeted to the gadget crowd. They are overloaded with features such as RSS readers, picture viewers, and Google Calenders syncing. But what if you just want to listen to music? This concept is an exploration of establishing the simplest, most analog way of interacting with the device, more closely replicating […]


This is a study in environmental design and illustration. It began with the furniture in 2006 and became a more complete modernist-inspired living space. The linear arrangement and color scheme intrigued me, along with the concept of making a living space which is more in line with living patterns than the average off-the-shelf contemporary dwelling. […]

Christmas Card

This is an illustration for a Christmas card, depicting a ceramic “wreath” with glowing custom-fabricated Christmas-themed light bulbs.

DreamFit Quilted Linens Photography

Flowerspot Dynamic Image Content Creation

A collaboration with Jennifer Lau and Andrew Zucker.

Georgia Tech Architecture Centennial

View interactive panoramas here and here. [qt:http://www.martinjacobson.com/id/wp-content/uploads/coa-panolg.mov 800 600] Interactive Panorama – click to change the view, use CTRL and SHIFT to change perspective angle. [qt:http://www.martinjacobson.com/id/wp-content/uploads/coa-pano2.mov 800 600] Interactive Panorama – click to change the view, use CTRL and SHIFT to change perspective angle.

Commercial Photography Teaser

Heater Photography

I photographed this line of heaters for commercial purposes – packaging and marketing materials. As usual, it was on super-short notice, and a complete range of clipped-out silhouette shots and specific detail shots were taken for packaging and marketing purposes.

BrandSource Store Exterior Renderings

Store exterior renderings done for the BrandSource Store Design Standards book published in 2007. Done in Maya and Maxwell Render 1.3.

BrandSource Kitchen Trade Show Booth

School Project: Castor & Pollux

This Junior ID school project was based on producing a design for a water fixture. The focus was on the development of a unique sculptural piece, design for manufacturing, and the user’s interaction with the piece.

Helicopter Rover Concept for SSDL NASA lab

This was a conceptual rendering set for the SSDL lab out of Georgia Tech’s Aerospace Engineering department The trickiest part was evoking a sense of Titan, which is Saturn’s largest moon. It is thought to have a very thick atmosphere and a methane ocean (!?).

Basilisk Mandolin Design

Maucacaube Les Paul

A friend and fellow Industrial Designer asked me to help him build a swamp ash Les Paul over the summer of 2004. While shopping for the materials for his guitar, I found a piece of extremely rare rosewood from the Amazon, called “Maucacaube”. It was a small piece, so I decided to build a LP […]

Nordic Mandolin #3