Revisiting the 5-string electric mandolin / mandola…

That extra C string is getting a lot of interest lately. And this post from last year is getting a lot of visits from people looking for 5-string electric instruments. So I thought it might be time to dust off the ideas for a 5-string electric. Here’s where they are headed… with a splittable Alumitones […]

New neck machining process

So I’ve spent most of this week developing an improved neck machining process, refining the design of the necks to correct a couple little things which have bothered me about them, and developing a new “long neck” neck variant that results in bridge position more like the “Ms. Griffith” Loar A-5. I don’t know if […]

Finishing #17mkII and #18

Spraying nitrocellulose lacquer on #17mkII and #18. #17mkII will also have a french polished top. The depth of the bubinga, maple, and mahogany are really starting to sparkle.

Video of #18 in the white….

And here’s #17, for comparison…

#18 takes shape…

Test Fitting Redwood and Bubinga Nautilus Mandolin #17

Nautilus Mandolin side bending fixture, Version 13

This fixture is the 13th version I have built over the past year. In this case, thirteen is a very lucky number! It is repeatable, controllable, easy to use, quick, and does not consume air or power in order to operate. I can finally move on to gearing up for my octave mandolin and mandola […]

Latent projects: GBOM

A friend reminded me of this project, a Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin (could also be an Irish Bouzouki or Mandocello). Started it last year, got distracted building my CNC machine, and then I realized I would do a lot of things differently now that I have the CNC machine. So I may, or may not […]

Redwood tops and Bubinga backs

Batch of tops and backs for December 2012 instruments. #17, #18, #20. Bruce Harvie’s handwriting still on this one:

Nautilus #15 & #16 – Fretboards & inlay

Inlay progress & CNC headstock drilling for #15 and #16.

Nautilus Mandolin Project

Sound samples:

Nautilus Mandolin Mockups & Fixturing

Here are some mockups and fixtures for my ongoing Nautilus mandolin project. It is an affordable instrument intended to bring exceptional tone and playability to a lower price point, through the use of modern automation and traditional instrument voicing techniques.

Anachron Aero v4

These illustrations were done mostly to get back up to speed on the latest version of SolidWorks after using Alibre Design Pro (another parametric CAD package) for the last year. I had been studying air-cooled engines and started drawing a lot of radial engines, which lead to the prominent engine features of this aircraft. The […]