Product Design

Revisiting the 5-string electric mandolin / mandola…

That extra C string is getting a lot of interest lately. And this post from last year is getting a lot of visits from people looking for 5-string electric instruments. So I thought it might be time to dust off the ideas for a 5-string electric. Here’s where they are headed… with a splittable Alumitones […]

Bach Prelude Comparison Video

Here’s a comparison of the spring batch (less #17 mark II). Bach Prelude (BWV1007) from the first Cello Suite.

Test Fitting Redwood and Bubinga Nautilus Mandolin #17

Nautilus Mandolin side bending fixture, Version 13

This fixture is the 13th version I have built over the past year. In this case, thirteen is a very lucky number! It is repeatable, controllable, easy to use, quick, and does not consume air or power in order to operate. I can finally move on to gearing up for my octave mandolin and mandola […]

Latent projects: GBOM

A friend reminded me of this project, a Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin (could also be an Irish Bouzouki or Mandocello). Started it last year, got distracted building my CNC machine, and then I realized I would do a lot of things differently now that I have the CNC machine. So I may, or may not […]

Redwood tops and Bubinga backs

Batch of tops and backs for December 2012 instruments. #17, #18, #20. Bruce Harvie’s handwriting still on this one:

Nautilus #15 – In the driver’s seat where she belongs

Just got some color on #15. Needs some french polishing and finish leveling, but it’s shaping up nicely.

Nautilus #15 Progress

Nautilus #15 & #16 – Fretboards & inlay

Inlay progress & CNC headstock drilling for #15 and #16.

Nautilus Mandolin Project

Sound samples:

Nautilus Mandolin Mockups & Fixturing

Here are some mockups and fixtures for my ongoing Nautilus mandolin project. It is an affordable instrument intended to bring exceptional tone and playability to a lower price point, through the use of modern automation and traditional instrument voicing techniques.

Aubergine Courtyard Microbus

School Project: Castor & Pollux

This Junior ID school project was based on producing a design for a water fixture. The focus was on the development of a unique sculptural piece, design for manufacturing, and the user’s interaction with the piece.