Labraid Grand Concert #84 10-string mandola/mandolin 2013

This instrument was sold through MandolinCafe classifieds.

This mandolin is a masterpiece. Many of its aesthetic and structural elements are wholly original. Described by the luthier as “avant garde”, which this instrument definitely is, that does not tell the whole story. Essentially, this is a complete reimagining of what a classical mandolin could be, with utmost respect to the tradition of Italian classical mandolin building without being bound in any way by convention. And while it is ideosyncratic in many ways, it is first and foremost an interesting and useful musical tool. None of its features are oddball or wacky, they are all there for a reason, and the various elements are harmoniously and thoughtfully balanced. The result is an excellent mandolin with the added range of of the C course.

The tone of this instrument is difficult to describe. It is powerful, responsive, and allows a range of tonal expression much broader than that which is present in traditional mandolins. It can be extremely bright and cutting, or extremely mellow and moody, or anything in between. It is loud and resonant, with a sort of reverb which makes sustained notes particularly interesting.

This instrument would suit anyone who would like to have a completely different experience playing the mandolin, and whose uses for it do not require it to sound exactly like a typical mandolin.

Condition is excellent, gently played, with no defects or repairs of any kind.


  • Built in 2013 by Canadian luthier Brian Dean
  • Curly walnut top, hand carved and graduated with special bracing and carved integral cant (pliage)
  • Perfectly inlaid ebony touch plate (or pick guard)
  • Internal hand-carved spruce soundboard situated next to the staved back
  • Intensely flamed maple sides and neck
  • 9 scalloped back staves, 8 of incredibly tightly flamed maple, and one of contrasting curly walnut with ebony dividers
  • Comfortable slender D neck profile
  • Brass tailpiece designed and cast by the luthier
  • Carved ebony armrest
  • Ebony fretboard with vintage-width stainless steel frets and beautifully dressed fret ends
  • 42mm nut width w/ zero fret
  • Custom 10-string engraved Alessi tuning machines
  • 14.75″ scale length
  • 7.75″ lower bout width, 3.125″ body depth
  • Comfortable low action with no buzzes or rattles (1/32″ on the E course and 1/16″ on the low C course)
  • BAM violin-style case with carbon fiber pattern and custom internal padding

This instrument is being sold by Mark Kunkel, a local friend and customer of mine. I have inspected this Labraid #84 and provided the sound samples and pictures, which show the instrument’s current condition.

Inquires may be directed to Mark in the “reply” line. Payment can be made to Mark via wire transfer, PayPal or bank check. Personal checks are accepted for purchases within the USA, but require a period of up to 7 days to clear the bank. As in all sales, Mark will donate at least 2% of the sales price to support the wonderful work of the ‘Café.

$5900 + shipping

Offers for interesting instruments in trade, or reasonable instrument + cash trades, will be seriously considered.

Videos & Sound Samples

A very similar instrument played by Joe Brent:

And a little bit of the back-story behind the development of the Labraid Grand Concert.



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