2014 batch tops are voiced…

Above, you’ll be able to hear the tap tones from #29 through #43, which is kind of fun. Tap tones are kind of like baby pictures- you don’t know exactly how the final instrument will turn out from the tap tones, but you can get a glimpse of the what the character will be like. I’ve also heard that whiskey makers bake bread out of a grain mash to try to see what the flavors will be like.
Some of these tops I’ve voiced to sound pretty close to each other. Others, like Mike’s #30, I’ve voiced to sound less like a Jacobson and more like another reference instrument, so you’ll hear a bit of that in the tap tones.

The tap tones themselves aren’t useful for making decisions, at least not on their own. I use them to crunch numbers (FFT spectrum analysis) which I then use to verify my best guess. The best guess is based on flexibility of the plate, mass of the plate, and physical dimensions. Then if the tap tones are coming out dramatically high, I might decide to remove more material. If the tap tones are dramatically low, then I would probably scrap the top. But that’s unlikely to happen, because for the tap tones to be that low, it would also feel so floppy in my hands and would weigh so little that I would have caught it long before it got to that point.

Eric’s #29:

An unsold #31 with crazy new f-holes.. it has a discoloration on one edge. It might end up being a blacktop.
I like spec builds — I get to do whatever I want, whether it’s a good idea or not.

Killian’s #34:

Lee’s #37:

Paula’s #39:

Pete’s #42:

Bill’s #38:

Evelyn’s #32:

An unsold #41:

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