First back plates for Spring 2014 batch

OK, Lee had a good idea, so I’m hosting the pictures for these posts on my Web site again. So you can find updates here or at the MandolinCafe Spring 2014 build log, plus a lot of discussion from other folks.

Done with necks, finally. Now it’s on to boxes, and to focus on the things that don’t need redesigning. I’ll still have to redesign my neck process for the next batch, but I made enough necks for two batches, hopefully.

Backs I made today. Crotch walnut, walnut with sapwood, birdseye maple with heartwood, and padauk.






Padauk. This looks pretty much like ribbon mahogany, but crazy bright red. It’s going to look great under finish. These are for spec builds. The tonal properties of this wood are amazing! This wood would make great marimba bars.






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