Commercial Photography Teaser

Heater Photography

I photographed this line of heaters for commercial purposes – packaging and marketing materials. As usual, it was on super-short notice, and a complete range of clipped-out silhouette shots and specific detail shots were taken for packaging and marketing purposes.

BrandSource Store Exterior Renderings

Store exterior renderings done for the BrandSource Store Design Standards book published in 2007. Done in Maya and Maxwell Render 1.3.

BrandSource Kitchen Trade Show Booth

School Project: Castor & Pollux

This Junior ID school project was based on producing a design for a water fixture. The focus was on the development of a unique sculptural piece, design for manufacturing, and the user’s interaction with the piece.

Helicopter Rover Concept for SSDL NASA lab

This was a conceptual rendering set for the SSDL lab out of Georgia Tech’s Aerospace Engineering department The trickiest part was evoking a sense of Titan, which is Saturn’s largest moon. It is thought to have a very thick atmosphere and a methane ocean (!?).

Basilisk Mandolin Design

Maucacaube Les Paul

A friend and fellow Industrial Designer asked me to help him build a swamp ash Les Paul over the summer of 2004. While shopping for the materials for his guitar, I found a piece of extremely rare rosewood from the Amazon, called “Maucacaube”. It was a small piece, so I decided to build a LP […]

Nordic Mandolin #3