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Labraid Grand Concert #84 10-string mandola/mandolin 2013

This instrument was sold through MandolinCafe classifieds. This mandolin is a masterpiece. Many of its aesthetic and structural elements are wholly original. Described by the luthier as “avant garde”, which this instrument definitely is, that does not tell the whole story. Essentially, this is a complete reimagining of what a classical mandolin could be, with […]

Nordic Dragon Inlay

Armrest for Mike’s Black Tie Mandolin

Here’s the custom inlaid armrest to match Mike’s #30 ziricote Black Tie Special. kamagra jelly viagra 50mg

#30 almost done

Cool curly maple pedalboard

November update

Geoff Burghardt iii #19 mandolin for sale

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More October pics

Trumpet vine headstock

More October pics

October update

Koi fretboard

New style of Headstock Script Inlay

South Bend Lathe Restoration

Recent restoration of the BME South Bend from 1967. Thanks to Ruwan and Marcel for their help.

September update

2014 instruments boxed up

2014 batch closing in…

New GOM concept

Prompted by an inquiry from a customer, here’s a new GOM concept. This is a much smaller instrument than the Leviathan, which is about two inches taller and two inches wider.

2014 batch tops are voiced…

Above, you’ll be able to hear the tap tones from #29 through #43, which is kind of fun. Tap tones are kind of like baby pictures- you don’t know exactly how the final instrument will turn out from the tap tones, but you can get a glimpse of the what the character will be like. […]

Crazy leaf script soundport…. for no reason.

Back inlay – Nouveau Koi purfling

Another take on the idea of “living purfling”…

Pics from 2014 GAL convention talks

Some great talks by Stephen Marchione, Charles Rufino, James Condino, and Andrew Mowry.

GAL side trip – Mt. Ranier

Thanks for driving me up there, Bill, even though I was in a semi-comotose post-convention state!

Nautilus #33 – “Celtic River” back inlay w/ abalone fish

New top rosettes

OK, here’s new style of “stacked” rosette inlay I came up with. First, two rosette inlay rings are precisely cut to match their intended grooves and the contour of the top. Then the first inlay is installed. Then the second inlay is cut into the first, ensuring a nice tight fit. Then gluing of the […]

Top machining summer 2014

More backs…

..and the first op on a redwood top.

4th of July Back Carving

Sweet Engraved Black Nickel Rubner tuning machines with rosewood buttons for mandolin and cittern

From Kent George at

First back plates for Spring 2014 batch

OK, Lee had a good idea, so I’m hosting the pictures for these posts on my Web site again. So you can find updates here or at the MandolinCafe Spring 2014 build log, plus a lot of discussion from other folks. Done with necks, finally. Now it’s on to boxes, and to focus on the […]

Necks for Spring 2014 batch

Headstocks for Pagan Mandolins (Pete Jenner) of NSW, Australia

See more of Pete’s work here:

First arm rests for Nautilus mandolins….

Jacobson #19 Video

Time-Lapse Video of Headstock Inlay for #23

Cello fixin’

Here’s a Chinese cello I got off Craig’s List for a song. It had been de-strung before a cross-country move. The soundpost shifted, and then an impact split the cheesy, but solid and hand-carved spruce top in a few places. Looked like a straightforward repair, and I’ve been wanting a cello, so I picked it […]

Summer 2013 Jacobson Nautilus batch is coming together!

Time-Lapse Video – Refining Tone Bars on Nautilus Mandolin #19

Just for fun… chladni patterns from Summer batch of Nautilus mandolins

Mode 4 on #22… Mode 3 on #23… Mode 3 on #19.. ?….

Nautilus Mandolins – Tone Bar Fitting Jig

c1915 Weymann Keystone State Mandolute – Restored

Here’s a Weymann I just finished cleaning up. It had a major top seam separation, several top and back plate seam separations. It got a new nut, fret work, the usual. This was my first real vintage restoration on a real instrument. I haven’t done a lot of repair or restoration, but I received this […]

c1915 Weymann Keystone State Mandolute – Repair Process

Before restoration: The process:

Cutting sound ports for the summer batch…

Laying Up Nautilus Mandolin Side Laminations

Turquoise Rosette for Michael’s #23

Here are some photos of my new rosette machining process. Michael’s turquoise-laced #23 is the first to receive this treatment.

The Sander Dance

Sanding laminae for my laminated mandolin sides.

Time-lapse video of machining a mandolin back