Mandolin Setup & Repair

While my focus is on building new instruments of my own design, there are are not a lot of mandolin-centric luthiers in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I now offer setup services for mandolins and mandolin-family instruments, as well as consultations for more major repairs. Often I will provide a referral for a more major repair or restoration, since that is not part of my core business.

I accept payment in the form of PayPal, cash, check, or Glenmorangie.

Basic Setups, $45, include:

– Basic cleaning and light polishing
– Proper positioning and adjustment of the bridge for sweet intonation
– Refinement and proper sizing of all nut and bridge slots for smooth and reliable tuning and easy playability
– Adjusting the truss rod for optimal playability and neck relief
– Polishing of fret ends to eliminate sharp edges
– Eliminating any buzzing and rattling
– Choice of D’addario J73 or J74 strings. Many other types of strings available, ask if you are interested in a change.

Full Setups, $60, include all steps involved in a basic setup, plus the following:

– Fret leveling, dressing, crowning, and polishing (results in lower possible action and even intonation all the way up the board)
– Bridge re-fitting to ensure full contact of bridge feet with the mandolin top

Additional routine services:
– Tuning machine upgrade to Rubner teflon-bearing tuning machines: $150 installed (best functioning tuning machines on the market, in my opinion)
– New ebony bridge and hand-fitting :
– $100 for Stew-Mac ebony bridge
–  $150 for Cumberland acoustics, Brekke, or Jacobson ebony bridge.

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